I’m Dave Buchwald, a Brooklyn-based film editor and graphic artist. I edited and supervised the post-production of the features Love Simple, and Urchin with the film company The Enemy. I produced and authored the DVD for 2600 Film’s documentary Freedom Downtime, along with editing numerous short projects, including the recently lauded Floating Sunflowers  (Anna Chlumsky) and A Northern Star (Lynn Cohen). Graphic art projects include a long time residency as cover artist for 2600 magazine, the logos for The Barefoot Theatre Company, and as well as a brief stint with Weird Tales Magazine. Several pieces of my unique cover art were featured in France at the graphic arts exhibition, Chaumont-Graphisme. A piece entitled FOOTNOTES which was included in the book Promotional Copy was featured in the late and great Soho Guggenheim museum. I served as “hacking consultant” for the film Hackers using knowledge gained from my previous life as a rogue computer expert. This past life included founding and running Crossbar Security, a groundbreaking, boutique computer security firm in the late 90s.

On a more personal note, I’ve been taking weekly pictures of my daughters since their arrival that I’m presenting here as Wednesday and Monday photos. And I have the utmost respect for dogs, but also have a partial cat.

My films have been screened all over, however only Urchin has the dubious honor of having been banned in Malaysia.

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